Hot Japanese Women – Natural Beauty and Pleasant Character

You have always been fascinated by the amazing culture of Japan, which combines technological innovation and respect for traditional values. Moreover, you respect the character and mentality of the Japanese, for whom the concept of honor is important. They are excellent employees, and you saw this for yourself by visiting your branch in the Land of the Rising Sun.

And here you have seen a lot of hot Japanese women whose beauty is gorgeous and natural. You even thought that you can find the perfect partner here. A beautiful girl with whom you can build a harmonious family. After all, each of us deserves to know what true love is. In this review, we will talk about the hottest Japanese women. And our list will allow you to learn more about the features of local ladies.

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Why Are Japanese Women So Hot?

Many men believe that Japanese girls for marriage are ideal. And this seems to be true because local women have many important virtues. For example, the Japanese have special standards of beauty. Most of the women here are small in stature, have a slim figure, small feet, and delicate skin. It is believed that fair skin is a sign of real beauty, which is why Japanese women do not like to sunbathe or go to the beach. Most often, they have dark hair and brown eyes, as well as an excellent cute smile that will make your heart beat faster. Also, modern matrimonial services use the best search algorithms to help you find the Japanese wife of your dreams. Therefore, you can even find a blonde from Japan with green eyes. And one more feature – the beauty of Japanese women does not disappear with age. Even at 45, they look young and slender. Therefore, you will look with delight at your Japanese bride even after many years of family life.

List of Hot Japanese Women

Women from the Land of the Rising Sun have always fascinated me. Japanese actresses, models, and singers are naturally charming and graceful. Beautiful facial features, a refined figure, a charming smile – Asian beauty captivated and conquered the whole world! Let’s talk about Japanese hot ladies because we have compiled a list of 19 hot women.

Misaki Ito


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  • 45 years;
  • Ivaki;
  • Actress

Misaki Ito is one of the best actresses in the country, a model and TV presenter, included in the list of sexy Japanese women. Born on May 26, 1977, the actress has managed to maintain her good looks over the years. She became Asahi Beer’s “image girl” and model under an exclusive contract with CanCam magazine in 1999, and also starred in commercials for Gateway and Choya Umeshu computers. She became famous for her participation in the James Bond movie All or Nothing in 2004, where she played Miss Nagai.

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Fumi Nikaido


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  • 28 years;
  • Naha;
  • Actress;

Fumi Nikaido is a Japanese actress and model born on September 21, 1994, in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. This beautiful Japanese girl made her big-screen debut in Toad and won the Marcello Mastroianni Award for her performance at the Venice International Film Festival. She was also named “International Rising Star” at the New York Asian Film Festival. Also, she should be called one of the sexy Japanese girls on Instagram, which has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Nakayama Miho


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  • 52 years;
  • Koganei;
  • Actress;

She debuted on June 21, 1985. Nakayama Miho starred in the 1995 film Love Letter directed by Sunji Iwai. The film was a huge box office success and Miho received many awards including Best Actress at the 38th Blue Ribbon Awards, the 17th Yokohama Film Festival, and the 18th Hochi Film Awards. Also, she has become a symbol of the sexuality of Japanese ladies. Miho was nominated in 1998 for a Japanese Academy Award and has appeared in many TV series including Love Story (2001). Even at 52, the girl looks beautiful and sexy. Her secret is proper nutrition and fitness.

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Keiko Kitagawa

  • 36 years;
  • Cobe;
  • Actress and Model;

She was the exclusive model for the Japanese magazine Seventeen from late 2003 to mid-2006. In 2003, Keiko Kitagawa played her first role as Sailor Mars on the live show Sailor Moon’s Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. After her role in Mamiya Kyodai, she is very popular in Japan and retired from the fashion world to focus on her acting career, starring in several films including The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) and Nice Suit (2008), and starred in TV dramas: Mop Girl (2007), Homeroom on the Beachside (2008), Buzzer Beat (2009) and Lady Saigo no Hanzai Profile (2011). Today, the Japanese woman leads an active social life and pleases subscribers with new posts on her Instagram profile.

Honda Tsubasa


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  • 30 years;
  • Tokyo;
  • Actress;

Honda Tsubasa is one of the greatest faces in the entertainment industry and one of the sexiest Instagram stars in Japan. Born on June 27, 1992, she began her career as a model, starring for Seventeen magazine and Love Berry. The Honda Tsubasa has also gained popularity in the film industry with several roles in various films and shows. Alluring beauty of this Japanese woman is believed to be the driving force behind her success.

Nozomi Sasaki


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  • 34 years;
  • Akita;
  • Model;

The epitome of Japan’s beauty, Nazomi began her modeling career at the age of 14, starring in fashion and cosmetics commercials. She later became a popular model for the internationally acclaimed Pinky magazine. Her natural beauty and charm have captured the hearts of film producers, which is why this Japanese woman is one of the most sought-after actresses and has also become a symbol of traditional Japanese beauty.

Emi Takei

  • 29 years;
  • Nagoya;
  • Actress;

This hot Japanese baby is a successful actress who lives her best life. She won the hearts of many men by playing various roles in Japanese TV shows such as “Perfect Insider”, “Seaside Clinic” and “Liar Game”. She was born on December 25, 1993, in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. She is also a famous model. Received two awards at the Eleventh Annual Japanese Bishōjo Competition and has subsequently been featured on the cover of numerous issues of Seventeen magazine. This Japanese woman is number 7 on our list of the most beautiful Japanese women.

Kuroki Meisa

  • 33 years;
  • Okinawa;
  • Actress and singer;

One of the hot Japanese girls has been in commercials since the age of sixteen. Meisa made her film debut in 2004 in the drama Night School. The most famous films and series with her: are “The Last Missed Call”, “Crows: The Beginning”, “One Pound Gospel”, and “Byakkotai”. In 2009, Kuroki Meisa released her debut album. Also, the girl in the face of the cosmetic brand L’Oreal. Currently, she is actively acting in films, TV shows, advertising, and releasing clips. This Japanese woman married to popular singer Jin Akanishi, the couple has a young daughter, Theia.

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Satomi Ishihara

  • 36 years;
  • Tokyo;
  • Model and dancer.

The beautiful and successful Japanese model dreamed of becoming a teacher as a child, but at the age of sixteen, she decided to take part in a talent competition and won, beating more than 30,000 rivals. A year later, Satomi made a successful debut in the drama “My Favorite”, after which offers rained down on the girl. She does a lot of acting in films, and advertising, as a fashion model, and also works on the radio. The most famous works of this Japanese woman is films and TV shows: “Father of the Bride”, “Detective’s Left Eye”, “Rich Man, Poor Woman”, “Attack on Titan”, “Godzilla: Rebirth”. The girl is fond of dancing, ballet, and painting. Hasn’t found the perfect partner yet, so it’s one of the most coveted Japanese singles.

Ueto Aya

  • 37 years;
  • Tokyo;
  • Singer;

Aya’s first success came at the age of twelve – a talented woman won a special prize at a music competition. Two years later, in 1999, a very young girl founded her pop group and took up singing. A year later, this Japanese woman made her debut as an actress in the film Wipe Your Tears. This was followed by roles in such projects as “High School Teacher”, “Azumi”, “Please Attention”, “Shooting Star”, and “Daytime Beauties”. The Japanese woman starred in a lot of commercials and enjoys cooking and tennis. Aya is in no hurry to start a family, and it is not known when she will become an ideal Japanese wife.

Fukada Kyoko


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  • 40 years;
  • Tokyo;
  • Actress;

At the age of fourteen, Kyoko won a talent competition, after which her modeling and acting career began. In 1998, she made her debut in the drama “God Give Me Some More Time”, but the real success for the actress came after the movie “Ring 2”. This was followed by roles in such series as “Strawberry Cake”, “Friends”, “I Hate Christmas”, “They Don’t Teach This at School”, “Second Love”. Japanese woman plays the piano and clarinet, is fond of swimming and calligraphy, and appreciates her freedom very much, so this Japanese woman is not in a hurry to get married.

Ayase Haruka


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  • 37 years;
  • Hiroshima;
  • Actress and singer;

One of the most charming and beautiful women from Japan. As a child, Haruka played sports seriously, winning basketball competitions. But, after graduating from school, the girl decided to connect her life with show business and even won the talent competition. Her acting debut was in 2001 in the first year in the film “Young Detective Kindaichi”, after which Haruka appeared in such series as “Flickering Fireflies”, “Love of My Life”, and “Mr. Brain”, “Today I’m taking a day off”. In parallel with acting, the girl acts as a model and performs as a solo singer. Also, this Japanese woman is not yet married.

Toda Erika

  • 34 years;
  • Kobe;
  • Actress;

If you want to see real Japanese beauty look at this charming lady. This is not just a sexy baby doll, but a girl with great charisma and a delightful character. Erica’s beauty was noticed from an early age, already at school, she began to flicker in commercials. The world of show business captivated the young girl, and she chose an acting career. Her debut was immediately successful, in the very popular drama Nobuta’s Promotion. This was followed by no less successful roles in such films and series as Liar Game, Code Blue, Death Note, Shooting Star Bonds, and Naked Summer. Erica cooks well, enjoys martial arts, and plays the piano.

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Inoue Mao


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  • 35 years;
  • Yokohama;
  • Actress;

As a child, she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, although she began acting in films from the age of five – a talented girl played in the TV series “Children of War” for several years. But the real success came to Mao in the drama “Flowers Over Berries”, which became very popular. Her next works were such projects as “First Kiss”, “Doctor Dolittle”, “Sugar Princess”, and “I will give you my love.” Mao is fond of photography and plays golf and badminton. She has been dating actor Matsumoto Jun for several years and declares that she is thinking about marriage with a partner because she has found a soul that understands her.

Nakama Yukie


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  • 43 years;
  • Okinawa;
  • Actress;

At a young age, Yuki enrolled in an acting school, making her debut at the age of fifteen in the TV series Blue Summer. This was followed by small roles, but in 2000 there was a breakthrough – the horror film “Call 0: Birth” was released, where the actress played Sadako. Then, one after another, the series began to come out: “I’m Married in Hell”, “Trick”, “Gokusen”, and “Tokyo Bay”. This Japanese woman is also in demand as a singer, she loves horseback riding and scuba diving. Married to actor Tanaka Tetsushi.

Horikita Maki

  • 34 years;
  • Tokyo;
  • Actress;

At school, Maki was a leader: she served as chairman of the student council and captain of the basketball club but chose a career as an actress. She made her debut in the film “Horror Stories from Tokyo”, but the real success of the girl brought her role in the drama “Promotion of Nobuta”. Maki sometimes appears in commercials but considers cinematography his profession. She can be seen in such films and series as “One Missed Call”, “Men of My Family”, and “Kurosagi”. This Japanese woman loves to read and watch anime. Married to actor Yamamoto Koji, on December 17, 2016, the couple had their first child.

Mao Abe

  • 32 years;
  • Oite;
  • Singer and composer;

This talented Japanese woman began learning to play the piano at the age of three. Inspired by Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, she started playing the guitar and dreamed of becoming a singer. Her first album “Free” was released in 2009 and ranked first on the Japanese music chart Billboard Hot 100. Moreover, her charm and beauty attract the attention of many men who consider her one of the most beautiful women in the country.

Tomomi Itano


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  • 31 years;
  • Yokohama;
  • Singer;

Former member of the Japanese idol group AKB48. Now she performs solo, her most famous single is “Dear J”. She has appeared in numerous films and television shows. In 2012, she was recognized as the “Queen of TV Advertising”, as this Japanese woman had several dozen contracts signed with various advertising agencies.

Haruna Kawaguchi

  • 27 years;
  • Goto;
  • Actress and model;

One of the most popular Japanese girls on Instagram, which gained recognition not due to sexy photos, but due to real talent, beauty, and charm. The 22-year-old beauty began her career in the entertainment industry in the modeling business. This Japanese woman gained fame and recognition for her roles in films such as Ouran High School Host Club, Zekkio Gakkyu, and Say I Love You.


Well, now you know about the most charming women of the country of the Rising Sun. It is time to move from theory to practice. Register on the site and start chatting with Japanese sexiest girls online. Learn her culture and ask her out when you’re ready. May luck be on your side.

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